Top 6 easy money saving hacks

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1. Have a snack before grocery shopping 
Shopping for groceries while hungry is never a good idea, as you’re likely to purchase more food than you need (which can lead to wastage) or pick up a chocolate bar while going through the checkout! If you’re hungry, have a snack such as an apple, banana or cheese and crackers before you head to the supermarket, to save yourself from buying more than you need.  

2. Set a grocery budget  
Another quick and easy way to save money is to set up a weekly budget. And stick to it! Off the bat, calculate what your non-negotiable bills and outgoings are, such as rent/mortgage, insurances, household bills, credit card bills, school fees, loan repayments, etc. Then with the remaining amount, determine how much you’re currently spending on groceries per week (or per month), and how much you would like to spend realistically.  

3. Cook meals based on their cost per serving 
Once you have determined the total amount you would like to spend on groceries, divide that amount by the number of meals you and/or your family need for that time frame. 

For example, if want to spend $270 per week on groceries and have a family of 4, with each family member eating 3 meals per day, your average cost per serving would be $3.20. Of course, this is an average and you may spend less on breakfast and more on dinner, but this is a great starting point to help you manage your grocery budget. 

4. Bring lunch to work or university  
As tempting as it is to pick up a roll, pasta dish or burger at the canteen, costs can add up over the course of week! Instead, use a lunch box and pack some leftovers from last night’s dinner. Otherwise, try meal prepping once a week to save both time and money.  

5. Make your coffee at home 
Invest in a coffee machine so you can get your daily caffeine fix at home. The daily savings will quickly pay off the initial investment. If you buy your coffee every day, you will save approximately $32 per week, which adds up to $1664 in savings per year! 

6. Take advantage of reward programs and vouchers 
Many retail brands, supermarkets and foodie vendors offer a reward program for their loyal customers. Both Coles and Woolworths also offer discounts on petrol for grocery shops over $30. The savings will add up over time!