Tips to beat the Christmas rush

Get prepared for the festive season!

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It happens every year - you realise that you’re suddenly a week or two out from Christmas and haven’t given any thought to your holiday plans, preparations or gifts yet! 

To avoid that situation and rush of panic and stress, here’s our tips on how to get prepared for the festive season.

Start with a budget 
It’s always smart to organise a budget on how much you are willing to spend over the holiday season. This will ensure that you are well prepared and won’t leave you stressed about over-spending. 

Make a gift list 
It sounds harder than it is. Get a piece of paper or liven it up by using your Ipad and start jotting down the family members and friends that you need to buy a gift for this year. When writing the list, try to include what you intend to buy them or any rough ideas that will help you come to a decision. If you’re completely lost, you can always view our gift finder.

Start your hunt for holiday decorations in advance this year to get yourself in the festive spirit! There are an abundance of beautiful decorations available at the moment!

Lastly, pace yourself!
You don’t need to attend every social gathering you are invited to. This time of year is for you to slow down and unwind as well so don’t push yourself!  

Planning ahead allows you to relax on the big day, spend time with your family and friends and have a happy holiday. Enjoy!