6 ideas for edible Christmas gifts

What do you buy the person who already has everything for Christmas? Food! These DIY delights are sure to impress.

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We all have those people in our lives who are impossible to buy for. Maybe it’s that sister who only just celebrated her birthday, or the dad who couldn’t possibly fit one more pair of socks in dresser. They’re the people who leave you scratching your head long after you’ve ticked off everyone else on your Christmas shopping list.

So, what do you buy that person who already has everything (or, the ones who are just fussy!) for Christmas? The answer is food! After all, who doesn’t love to eat? 

These 6 edible Christmas gift ideas are guaranteed to delight even the pickiest people in your life. Not only are they a lovely heartfelt gift, but they’re fun and easy to make.

1. Reindeer biscuits 
Here's a tasty Christmas gift that kids and adults alike will love! For the base, bake some arrowroot or gingerbread cookies — or take a speedy shortcut and grab some from the grocery store. 

For the easy version, cover in Nutella or chocolate sauce, then make the reindeer eyes out of pretzels or smaller biscuits. Finish by adding lollies for the eyes and nose. To give it a more sophisticated touch, you can add the detailing with icing sugar. 

2. Gourmet salt mix
What's even better than an edible gift? One that’s edible and practical! Your loved one will be able to use this present to season their food for months to come — and will think of you every time they do!

For a salty-sweet combination try a salt, maple and vanilla. Or, for a floral mix that looks beautiful in the jar, try salt, herbs and dried lavender. Mix all your ingredients in a food processor until finely blended, then funnel into a jar.

3. Maple-glazed nuts
This easy, edible gift is perfect for people who love to snack! All you’ll need is mixed nuts (such as walnuts, cashews and pecan), maple syrup and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. You can also add a little extra kick with some chilli! Toss the nuts with the ingredients in the pan until they take on a caramelised taste and texture. Wrap them up in cellophane paper, tie in a bow and they’re ready to gift to your loved ones!

4. Gingerbread Scrabble biscuits
Taking its cues from the classic wordplay game, this recipe is the one exception to the ‘never play with your food’ rule. Prepare the base with gingerbread cookies (or, cheat a little and pick up some from the grocery store!) 

Cut the cookies into 3 cm squares, then cover the top of each one in white icing. Use a thin paintbrush with chocolate syrup or icing to write letters onto the squares. Include a few festive combinations like ‘holly’ and ‘reindeer,’ then watch as your loved one has fun unjumbling them!

5. Meringue wreaths
For a homemade Christmas gift that looks beautiful and tastes delicious, you can’t go past this recipe. It’s almost like a pavlova, but with a festive twist (or should we say, circle!)  Layer with whipped cream and summer fruits and you’ve got yourself a berry delicious dessert that’s almost too lovely to eat.

6. Christmas chutney
Are overly sweet treats not really this person’s jam? Gift them a homemade chutney instead! A classic Christmas chutney combines fruits like apples, pears and apricots with a tangy medley of vinegar, tamarind and cloves. Not only does it make the perfect addition to a Christmas hamper, but it’s the one gift that will only get better with time.

Whether it’s a pantry staple or a decadent dessert, these edible Christmas gifts are sure to go down a treat. After all, there’s a good reason they say the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! 

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